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How to undelete files on NTFS partition?

Free download our undelete software – IGEO Undelete to recover your lost / deleted files from NTFS or FAT partition. Please make sure that you:

  • Do not install the software on the partition from where you want to recover deleted files.
  • Do not save recovered data on the same partition from where you are recovering deleted files.

I have accidentally formatted my drive on vista. Can your software help?

IGEO Undelete software is one of the best file recovery software for Windows Operating System that will help you recover data from a formatted drive. It can also recover deleted files from recycle bin as well as permanently deleted / lost files.

Where can I find best file recovery software? Are they safe and trustable? provides one of the best file recovery software and photo recovery software available in the market. The company offers these software’s as free download for evaluation purpose. Users can safely install, run and test its data recovery capability before buying the licensed version.

How can I recover files emptied from recycle bin?

When files are emptied from recycle bin or are deleted from any other location, the file system simply marks them as ‘deleted’ and stops displaying them to the user. These deleted files / folders still exists in your hard disk storage area but the space occupied by them can any time be used to store new data. In order to ensure that you recover deleted files from recycle bin, stop using your computer or pc or laptop immediately and use – IGEO Undelete to recover your deleted data.