SD cards are popular devices in today’s digital world. SD cards are used to keep important files, pictures and videos for easy retrieval later on.  What happens when files are deleted from a SD card? Is there any way to get them back?

Accidental deletion of files from SD card does not delete them permanently, its file system marks their entries as deleted but do not delete the contents of files. If you have deleted some files from SD card, do not panic. Avoid to copy any other files on SD card because if you do this then the contents of files which are deleted before will be replaced by the contents of new files. To get your deleted files back, use some good data recovery software for SD card. There are many data recovery software available in the market. IGEO Memory Card Data Recovery Software is very useful in this case. This software uses some advance techniques to recover deleted files from SD card. This software recovers deleted files from all types of SD cards. This software has trial version which can be used to check if the deleted files can be recoverd from SD card. The trial version of software shows all the deleted files and allows the user to preview them. For those files where preview is not supported, software allows to view its contents in a hexadecimal format.

How to Use IGEO Memory Card Data Recovery Software:

  • Download and install the software
  • Attach SD card to your computer/ laptop
  • You may view all deleted files in three simple steps. Launch the software.  First step will show the drives present on SD card. Select the drive from which you want to recover the deleted files and press next button to go to step 2.

SD card recovery software

  • Select quick or deep scan method from step 2. Quick scan method searches recently deleted files while Deep scan method uses some advance algorithm to scan the entire SD card and find all the deleted files. Deep scan can be used if SD card was formatted. Select quick or deep scan method and press next button to go to step 3. Software will search all the files including deleted files and display them on next window.


  • Once all files are displayed by the software, you may preview any file by right click operation on it.
  • Software provides the wild character (. and *) search to find any file. Also there is a file mask utility to display any type of files.

The trial version of software does not allow recovering the files. Software provides a buy link to recover the files.